Turbocharger is a device applied on almost all modern engines, which increases the air pressure entering the cylinders in such a way as to increase the mass of air introduced into the combustion chamber and therefore the power of the motor. The high-pressure air also creates a more favorable environment for fuel combustion, thus allowing to reduce consumption and pollution.

Turbocharger consists of a turbine wheel which, moved by the engine exhaust gases, drives a compressor wheel which has the function of compressing the intake air. The set of the two impellers and the axis is called the rotor body. In the central part we find the cartridge which has the function of supporting the engine and the two casings: the turbine side and the compressor side which have the task of conveying the air on the impeller blades.

Depros produces and distributes original and compatible turbochargers of the main brands. It also offers a very wide range of rebuilt turbochargers for cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, marine, heavy and agricultural applications.

Original Turbochargers

Original, at best price

Commercializziamo turbocompressori nuovi e originali dei principali marchi quali Garrett, 3K Borg-Warner, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Schwitzer, IHI e Holset.

La qualità originale per fornire al cliente un’offerta per tutte le esigenze.

New Turbochargers

Valid and reliable that winks at the price

Depros, in collaboration with E&E Turbo-Power Co – a company strongly linked to two  fundamental values for us, namely quality and reliability – provides the customer with a wide range of new compatible turbochargers, perfectly conforming to the original and which squeeze a pay attention to the price. This category of items undergoes stringent performance tests to ensure that the only tangible difference from the original is the cost.

Overhauled Turbochargers

A choice that makes the difference

Choosing to purchase a rebuilt turbocharger is also beneficial to the environment as well as guaranteeing a state of the art repair at low cost. The possibility of reusing components togheter with an updated and more environmentally friendly technological process allows to extend the life of a unit, reduce environmental risks due to the difficult disposal of used units and also a significant saving of raw materials and energy.

The reconstruction activity is carried out using state-of-the-art equipment and using only original or even improved spare parts, so as to increase resistance and quality. Specifically, each single turbocharger is completely disassembled and cleaned, then all the components subject to wear are checked and replaced, finally the rebuilt turbocharger is reassembled and tested on special test benches. The turbo is then packaged and accompanied by a unique serial number and a correct balancing and flushing report, in order to certify its quality and compliance with the original parameters.

Depros, certain of the absolute quality on its overhauled turbochargers, offers 12-month kasko warranty included in the price which, in any case of breakage or malfunction, gives the unit the right or repair of the unit purchased, whitout the charge of no cost, so as to significantly increasing the support provided to specialists.

In order to simplify and protect the installers’s work, each rebuilt turbocharger is accompanied by useful information and instructions for assembly, and our call center is always available in case of doubts or the need for techincal support. 

We know that speed and efficiency are important to our customers’ business and for this reason we have a large stock of rebuilt turbochargers ready for shipment, in order to significantly shorten the repair time. We fulfill every order on the same day and guarantee next day delivery.

Broken Turbo