Assisted Steering

The assisted steering system has undergone significant improvements and updates over time. Depros is able to supply new and rebuilt parts for any steering system be it mechanical, hydraulic or electrical. In this way, we satisfy every repair need by providing technical knowledge, original equipment and spare parts or of the highest quality.

Hydraulic Steering Rack

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New and Reman

Depros sells original new power steering units from major brands such as Jtekt, Koyo, Smi, TRW and others, in order to provide customers with an offer for all needs. We also have a large warehouse of reconditioned power steering units. During reconditioning, only spare parts from the original plant are used. The power steering units are individually subjected to tightness, pressure and drawing tests and are covered by a 12-month Kasko warranty included in the price.

Electric Steering Rack


New and Reman

The electric steering racks are the latest technological evolution of the assisted steering system and guarantee the functionality of systems such as ASR, ABS and ESP. Although it is a new technology, it is possible to recondition some of these parts. We analyze and intervene on these articles both electrically and hydraulically.

For those models where the remanufacturing activity is not possible, we compensate by researching and offering our customers new parts at the best possible price

Mechanical Steering Rack


New and Reman

The steering box is the main pivot of any steering system. In recent years, the steering box has been used in conjunction with the or city column to make steering lighter and more precise.

With new and reconditioned items we cover almost the entire fleet of cars in circulation

EPS Columns

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New and Reman

The EPS (Electric Power Steering) commonly called Columns or City is a safety device that allows you to control anti-skidding, among other things. Given the delicate function of this organ, every single stem is tested on specific test benches for long-lasting sessions. Only if the tests are passed 100% is the city ready to be sold.

Electric Steering Pumps


New and Reman

The electric pump supplies the exact amount of oil needed to facilitate steering by adjusting the pressure depending on whether the car is stationary or moving. Present on an important number of cars in circulation, it is a particularly delicate organ. The experience gained in the field allows us to identify the cause of failure and to restore the electric pump to its full functionality. The simple replacement of the electric pump does not guarantee the success of the work, for this reason we make all our knowledge available to the specialist to ensure a state-of-the-art repair. In addition to the production of remanufactured, Depros sells original electric pumps of major brands such as HPI, Jtekt, Koyo, TRW and others, in order to provide the customer with an offer for all needs.

Mechanical Steering Pump

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New and Reman

Although the hydraulic pumps have been almost completely replaced by new technologies, a substantial part of the cars on the road still have this component. We manage most of the codes present and guarantee fast but meticulous processing for all brands. To complete the range, we offer new original and aftermarket pumps.