TSP Turbo Spare Parts

Turbo Spare Parts

TSP is a product of the Depros group designed to provide the repair industry with a 100% reliable spare part and in line with the economic needs of a highly competitive market.

Each TSP chra is assembled and balanced in the Depros workshops with the same equipment as the Original Equipment, setting very low tolerances and eliminating any problem related to the known “noise” or “whistle” and the balancing chart that accompanies each individual package
certifies the rigor of this procedure. This choice arises from the fact
that even in the highest quality manufacturers there are “approximate” balancing standards.

Parts and Components

Knowing the needs of the specialist, we work constantly with the aim of providing all those spare parts suitable for a quality repair. To this end, thanks to the collaboration with E&E Turbo-Power Co., of which we are official distributors in Italy, we offer all the spare parts necessary for the reconstruction of the turbocharger, i.e. CHRAs, also Bearing Housings, Shaft and Wheels, Compressor Wheels whit billet impellers, Variable Nozzle Rings, Repair Kits, Pneumatic and Electronic Actuators, Tools, Sensors, small parts and many other items.

Why choose TSP

Why choose TSP? Because the spare parts, even before being offered to repairers, are carefully selected and used in the Depros workshops thanks to the know-how acquired, not only paying attention to the best price offered by suppliers, but, above all, to the correct functioning of the parts. Only when there is the maximum
performance guarantee the product is included in the range.


  • Cartridges 100% assembled and balanced in Italy
  • Rigorous selection of the material used
  • Noise risk eliminated
  • Wide range available
  • Interactive and easy to use E-commerce
  • Team of qualified salesmen and technicians, available for any request
  • No compromise between quality and price