FAP, DPF, Calyst

Depros offers its customers a washing and cleaning service for FAP, DPF and Catalysts of cars, commercial vehicles and trucks. The use of specific equipment allows to remove the clogging of these devices, bringing them back to full functionality with a limited expense.


  • The regeneration is certified with a pre- and post-revision outcome document
  • Remember that removing the FAP is a criminal offense. Do not risk. Overhaul is the best solution and costs less than removal.
  • Remember that regenerating the DPF and the Catalyst as well as protecting your engine is an ECOLOGICAL choice that protects the environment … and YOUR health

The activity is carried out using very high quality machinery that allows to carry out the washing of DPF, DPF and Catalysts without mechanical interference with the filter, guaranteeing the restoration of factory efficiency.


  • Possibility of washing catalysts for vehicles, trucks and heavy vehicles
  • Double tank with a capacity of 275 liters for automatic filter cleaning on both sides
  • Filter clogging measuring system
  • Integrated filter drying system